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Savannah Talbert


Meet the Dancer

Q:  When did you start dancing?

A:  I took my first ballet class when I was three years old at Maine State Ballet.


Q:  What is your favorite ballet?

A:  Probably Serenade. The sweeping musical composition and masterful steps that complement the music are some of my favorite aspects of the ballet.


Q:  What is your favorite ballet role and why?

A:  Giselle. She is a character with demanding steps paired with an emotional range that impresses me.


Q:  What are your hobbies?

A:  I play a few musical instruments, mainly the ukulele. I also play alto saxophone in my school’s jazz band.


Q:  What's your favorite quote?

A:  “A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale.” (“Dare to dance, leave shame at home.”) - Hawaiian Proverb


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