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Adrienne Pelletier


Meet the Dancer

Q:  What is your favorite ballet?

A:  The Firebird with its perfect mix of romance, a strong female lead, and an incredible villain!

Q:  What is your favorite ballet role and why?

A:  Clara from The Nutcracker. Her story has so many layers and depths to explore.

Q:  What is your ballet shoe of choice?

A:  Bloch's all the way!

Q:  What are your educational/career goals?

A:  To continue dancing, teaching, and choreographing. One day I want to have my own bakery, ice cream, or coffee shop!

Q:  What's your favorite quote?

A:  "See the music, hear the dance" - George Balanchine.

Q:  Anything else you would like people to know about you?

A:  I have degrees in Culinary Arts and Business Management, co-own Rent-A-Princess, and recently won awards for "outstanding choreography" at a national dance competition!


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