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Maine State Ballet Family

As a non-profit organization, Maine State Ballet and its affiliate performing arts school educates, entertains and enriches the community through versatile and varied dance programs.  Through dance, we empower our students to become active, confident young artists who will emerge as leaders in their communities. 

Maine State Ballet is grateful to the hundreds of individuals, businesses and corporations which help us sustain our performance, educational and outreach activities.

Here are just a few things Maine State Ballet is involved in each year:

Exceptional dance training to hundreds of students in ballet, tap and jazz

  • Intensive summer training for serious ballet students

  • Curriculum for all ages and abilities

  • Outreach programs that extend to the schools, libraries, senior citizen centers, and hospitals

  • Lecture demonstrations that enrich arts education for school children

  • A full season of remarkable dance and musical theater productions, which attracts audiences of over 15,000 each year

  • Affordable ticket prices to ensure families of all means have access to the enjoyment of the arts

  • Scholarship programs for promising dancers with financial need


"To me, Maine State Ballet represents family. The instructors and volunteers treat everyone with kindness, respect and encouragement, no matter the ability level. My two young daughters have taken ballet, tap, and jazz at MSB since 2009. They have loved every minute of it!"

"My youngest just started at MECA this year (tough start), but she met one of the girls that she has watched for years in The Nutcracker!  She was so excited, she called me up to tell me. Small world we live in.  So glad Maine State Ballet is part of it!"

"What I love best about MSB is that there is a place for every dancer. For those seeking to reach the highest levels of the dance world, MSB has a proven track record and world-class instructors who can help turn those dreams into reality. They also give just as much care and attention to other dancers, like my daughters, who attend MSB to have fun, develop new skills, make friends, and become more confident for the future."

"My daughter (age 6) had her first lesson at the MSB school this past Saturday, and absolutely loved it!  I'm not sure which of us was more excited to be there, actually. I am so impressed by the facility and how special it is to have the little kids studying in studios right next door to the prima ballerinas rehearsing for Firebird!  It's just exactly how a ballet school should be. We are thrilled to finally be a part of MSB!"

"Linda, Jon, Janet, Glenn and the rest of the team provide a supportive, fun, and inclusive environment. I could not speak more highly of them."


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