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Tuition Policies

School Year Tuition:

  • Tuition is determined by class duration (45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes per class) and the number of classes from September through May.

Payment Schedule:

  • Tuition is divided into nine installments, due at the beginning of each month starting in September.  April/May billing is combined and due at the beginning of April.

Registration Requirement:

  • Accounts must be paid in full to register for new sessions.  For example, to attend summer workshops, the School Year Tuition must be fully paid.

45 minute classes = $67/month for 9 installments - ANNUAL TOTAL $603

60 minute classes = $73/month for 9 installments - ANNUAL TOTAL $657

75 minute classes = $79/month for 9 installments  - ANNUAL TOTAL $711

90 minute classes = $86/month for 9 installments - ANNUAL TOTAL $774

Music and Movement (3 Year Old) sessions -

6 WEEKS: $105; 7 WEEKS: $120 and/or 8 WEEKS: $135


10% tuition discount on 2nd/3rd etc. students per family

Maximum Individual session tuition = $254 per monthly installment

Maximum Family session tuition = $366 per monthly installment

Recital Costume Fee Policy

Costumes are ordered for all students enrolled in classes participating in the recital.  All families are responsible for costume charges unless their student withdraws from the class.  Maine State Ballet must be notified of any withdrawals by December 15th.

A recital costume fee of $80 per class will be charged for each recital class in early fall.  For older dancers, the fee is $90 per class.  This fee is due by December 15th.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student wishes to drop a class, prompt notification is required.  All withdrawals become effective on the date Maine State Ballet is notified.  Families are responsible for student tuition up until that date.

Maine State Ballet Company Member Tuition Policies

Tuition Obligation:

  • Maine State Ballet Company members are required to pay tuition through the first summer after their high school graduation, up to the year they turn 18.

Free Interim Classes:

  • Maine State Ballet Company Members and Apprentices are eligible for free interim ballet classes.

Post-High School Benefits:

  • Company members invited by the Artistic Director to continue performing with Maine State Ballet after their high school graduation will not be charged for ballet classes starting the fall after their senior year. Recital costume charges still apply.


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