The Maine State Ballet Company


The Maine State Ballet Company, established in 1986, has fast become the leading professional dance company in the State of Maine.  The Company, comprised of over 25 dancers, trains and performs throughout the year.


As a former member of the renowned New York City Ballet under legendary choreographer George Balanchine and recently appointed repetiteur for the Balanchine Trust, Artistic Director Linda MacArthur Miele offers her rare knowledge of the Balanchine Technique® and the Balanchine Style® to her students and company.  Mrs. Miele's unique talent and experience inspires local dancers to stay in Maine after high school and continue to dance with loyalty and pride.  Maine State Ballet encourages its dancers to become active, intelligent young artists who will emerge as artistic leaders in their communities.


Mrs. Miele continues to expand Maine State Ballet's repertoire to include new full-length productions and smaller ballets that showcase the company's growing talent.  She has staged Balanchine's "world famous" Serenade several times in Maine with permission from The Balanchine Trust.