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Janet Davis


Meet the Dancer

Q:  When did you start dancing?

A:  Age 3

Q:  What is your favorite ballet role and why?

A:  Favorite Three-Act Ballet role: Kitri from Don Quixote because I am feisty like Kitri & the choreography has a lot of jumps & turns! Favorite ballet dance role is the Dew Drop Fairy in the Nutcracker. I feel the most like myself when I dance Dew Drop & there is a specific way I can connect with the audience that is very special to me when I am performing that role.

Q:  What is your ballet shoe of choice?

A:  I wore Gamba pointe shoes for 20 years & I love a good split-sole tap shoe.

Q:  What are your hobbies?

A:  Playing the piano & organ & directing the church choir.  I also enjoy Disney documentaries.

Q:  What's your favorite quote?

A:  “Praise the Lord with singing, with music, with DANCING & with a prayer of praise & thanksgiving.” ~ Doctrine & Covenants 136:28

Q:  Anything else you would like people to know about you?

A:  I am married to company dancer Glenn Davis, my daughter is company dancer Emma Davis & my parents are Jonathan and Linda Miele.


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